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I just want to share some little things that have made me smile lately.

1. This awesome basket my aunt gave to me. She sent it down with  my grandparents on their last visit and it was filled with candles (she makes), candy, peanut butter, and my favorite apricot jelly. It’s perfect for holding all my records.

2. My plants. I care for them like a child, seriously. My grandma and I just repotted them.

3. I always try to keep fresh cut flowers in my apartment because they just make everything a little brighter and prettier. My grandma surprised me with these when her and my grandpa visited.

4. I can’t help but smile when my Beau jumps on my bed when I’m trying to make it. He innocently lays there while I throw the sheets and blankets over him. Adorable.

And lastly, this song has been making me smile:


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