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On Wednesday morning I woke up and did my normal daily routine: shower, eat, read the news and check Facebook. What I saw when I looked at my newsfeed that morning wasn’t at all what I expected. It was about 8:45 a.m. and the second post from the top read:

“To all Amber’s friends, we regret to tell you that Amber was in a car accident last night and she passed away. She is greatly missed and will continue to light up our lives through our memories. Her viewing and funeral will be this weekend at Seebold’s in Selinsgrove, it will be posted in the Daily Item and The Patriot News. Thanks for being her friend. ~Her Loving Family”

Completely in shock I called my two best friends, who were still sleeping because it was early, and then proceeded to call my grandma. When my grandma answered the phone I was in total disbelief and even thought the post was some kind of joke. There was no way someone I shared so many memories with in high school could be gone, just 5 years after our graduation, and so close to our class reunion. It was devastating for all of us. However, if there is one thing we learned from our dear friend’s passing, it’s how much we all love each other and that we need to truly cherish every moment we have together. Amber was a beautiful, amazing person who loved us all very much. We always called each other “Luvah” from the SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch. There are so many memories and I can’t even put them into words right now. It sounds so trite, but seriously tell everyone you can you love them and try not to lose touch, because you really never know when they will be gone.

I feel like I’ve been learning this lesson my entire life. During¬† the last phone conversation I had with my dad when I was just 12 years old he told me how much he loved me and that if I ever needed anything he was always there to talk. I told him the same for me and hung up the phone. I never thought that would be the last time we would ever speak. It’s crazy because I think now how I don’t talk to my best friends enough or even my mom. Life is just so fragile and you never realize it until someone isn’t there anymore.

“That it shall never come again is what makes life so sweet” Emily Dickinson



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Adding Some Flair

I loathe cold weather. This usually means a few months into winter, I get a serious case of the blues, not to be mistaken by the reds, something I always have. It has been especially bad this week, so I decided to add some flair, not just to wardrobe (like I always do) but also to my apartment. Here are some of the things I added to hopefully brighten things up a little bit.

This is a piece I bought from the Salvation Army in Harrisburg. It is just dried leaves and flowers. It adds just a little extra something to the wall and is a great accent to my bamboo shelves.

This is a really, really heavy Monet painting I bought at a thrift store sometime last year. I finally (with my grandpa’s help) put it up today.¬† The colors are bright and it makes my living room a bit more interesting, since I was starting to get a little bored with it.

And the last new piece of flair added to my apartment, was this quilt from Urban Outfitters. It’s bright, so I’m hoping by looking at it my spirit gets a little brighter, plus it reminds me of spring and summer since it’s cover with flowers.

Soon enough Spring will come and the earth will thaw out and so will I. Let’s just hope the blues and the reds go away with the cold.

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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

When I was a kid my mom always said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” That’s a fabulous arrangement of words, but I sweat the small stuff. A lot. Everything is always a bigger deal to me than it actually is or should be. For instance, if I miss my bus or trolley or my bike gets a flat tire (happens way too often) I think it’s some cosmic sign that I shouldn’t be there at that time. Like, for some reason my bad timing is perfect timing and there’s a reason behind me missing my bus or getting that flat tire.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about something to a point that it’s probably unhealthy. It’s something I can do nothing about and can never change, but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming, wandering “what if…” I’m sweating the small stuff and it’s consuming my life, my friends’ lives, and probably even my cat’s. My life is completely overcome by fantasy and I spend so much time thinking about it, spilling my guts. For instance, I’m writing this post about it, on my futon with a towel wrapped around my head, because I just got out of the shower and should be getting ready for a meeting at 11 and an interview at 1:30. I’m wasting life sweating the small stuff, while the good things are probably passing right by me.

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I’m not creative right now. I don’t know what to do about it. I want to write, I want to take photos, anything but my creativity has up and left me. Trying to be as proactive as I can be in a situation like this, I googled “writing ideas” and came upon this website: I know it’s corny and it’s weird, but I think it might work and I might actually get something out of it. Who knows. Stay tuned because I have a feeling something great will come from this.

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