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Smiling on Sunday

I’ve been doing posts lately filled with things that make me smile. This week is a giant list.

1. My cousin squirting milk out of his eye. I seriously haven’t laughed that hard all week.Warning… It’s a little gross.

2. Revisiting my childhood crush on Luke Skywalker (my first crush ever) by watching The Empire Strikes Back. Happy Anniversary!

3. Pretty new shoes with blue nail polish peeking out.

4. Making waffles with my brother this morning and enjoying them with hazelnut coffee in my favorite yellow mug.

5. My grandma’s beautiful flowers. Someday I’ll have a garden.

6. The beautiful, green view from the back porch of my grandparents house.

7. Swinging on the front porch swing.

8. Holding my beautiful niece. She smiled at me today and I cried. Oh, and that’s my little brother, her dad.

9. These cute little food erasers I bought from a quarter machine today

10. Having the greatest friends in the world, especially through the hard times. As Gina said, we are Amber’s fan club. Love you forever, Luvah!

11. And this Dr. Dog song.


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Leave Your Boyfriends Behind

I got a text from my beautiful friend Michelle tonight that said, “Our theme song is Leona Naess, Leave Your Boyfriends Behind.” She couldn’t be more right about it being our theme song, from the lyrics that match us perfectly, to the video of friends riding their bikes through the city. It’s almost an exact representation.

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I thought of a few other things that make me smile.

1. My silly friends.

2. My growing shamrocks.

3. Beautiful cards hanging on my refrigerator made by my cousins Andrew and Mary Beth.

4. How happy Beau is when I come home from being away for a long time.

5. Thrifting!

And the last thing that has been making me happy is Best Coast

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I just want to share some little things that have made me smile lately.

1. This awesome basket my aunt gave to me. She sent it down with  my grandparents on their last visit and it was filled with candles (she makes), candy, peanut butter, and my favorite apricot jelly. It’s perfect for holding all my records.

2. My plants. I care for them like a child, seriously. My grandma and I just repotted them.

3. I always try to keep fresh cut flowers in my apartment because they just make everything a little brighter and prettier. My grandma surprised me with these when her and my grandpa visited.

4. I can’t help but smile when my Beau jumps on my bed when I’m trying to make it. He innocently lays there while I throw the sheets and blankets over him. Adorable.

And lastly, this song has been making me smile:

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Smells Like Christmas

I finally watched Paper Heart this morning. I seriously cried so much while watching, but only because it is  just so freaking cute. I particularly loved this song:

I also loved the last scene, which I’ve been unable to find anywhere on the Internets.

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Janelle Monáe is Fantastic

She is going to be at Johnny Brenda’s March 17 and 18. I’ll be at the one on the 18th. Yes, yes, yes.

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If you know me, you know that I have loved Jimmy Fallon since he debuted on SNL. You also know I love Robert Pattinson for his greasy hair and sexy British accent. So, naturally I think this is completely and totally awesome. I am not bothered by it at all.

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