Smiling on Sunday

I’ve been doing posts lately filled with things that make me smile. This week is a giant list.

1. My cousin squirting milk out of his eye. I seriously haven’t laughed that hard all week.Warning… It’s a little gross.

2. Revisiting my childhood crush on Luke Skywalker (my first crush ever) by watching The Empire Strikes Back. Happy Anniversary!

3. Pretty new shoes with blue nail polish peeking out.

4. Making waffles with my brother this morning and enjoying them with hazelnut coffee in my favorite yellow mug.

5. My grandma’s beautiful flowers. Someday I’ll have a garden.

6. The beautiful, green view from the back porch of my grandparents house.

7. Swinging on the front porch swing.

8. Holding my beautiful niece. She smiled at me today and I cried. Oh, and that’s my little brother, her dad.

9. These cute little food erasers I bought from a quarter machine today

10. Having the greatest friends in the world, especially through the hard times. As Gina said, we are Amber’s fan club. Love you forever, Luvah!

11. And this Dr. Dog song.


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