For years I’ve had a crush on Shaun White, and with the Olympics back on, the crush has been reignited, and ablaze even more so than normal. It’s gotten to the point that I’m talking to my friends about what our babies would look like. This is what my darling friend Erica said:

Erica: yes. very true just ask him if he wants to make some babies how old is he? be like this hey

Erica: wanna have some kids? think about the possibilities. i’m smart, you’re good at snowboarding, i like snowboarding, we both wear pretty good clothes, wit is one of our many many many good qualities…let’s do it? and he’ll be like, ok. and then say something about how they’re guaranteed to have compact bodies perfect for curling up in little balls and doing awesome tricks.

Your turn… Imagine if:


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One response to “Crushes.

  1. ericadreher

    Well…you need to go for it. Look how freaking cute he would be!

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