Adding Some Flair

I loathe cold weather. This usually means a few months into winter, I get a serious case of the blues, not to be mistaken by the reds, something I always have. It has been especially bad this week, so I decided to add some flair, not just to wardrobe (like I always do) but also to my apartment. Here are some of the things I added to hopefully brighten things up a little bit.

This is a piece I bought from the Salvation Army in Harrisburg. It is just dried leaves and flowers. It adds just a little extra something to the wall and is a great accent to my bamboo shelves.

This is a really, really heavy Monet painting I bought at a thrift store sometime last year. I finally (with my grandpa’s help) put it up today.  The colors are bright and it makes my living room a bit more interesting, since I was starting to get a little bored with it.

And the last new piece of flair added to my apartment, was this quilt from Urban Outfitters. It’s bright, so I’m hoping by looking at it my spirit gets a little brighter, plus it reminds me of spring and summer since it’s cover with flowers.

Soon enough Spring will come and the earth will thaw out and so will I. Let’s just hope the blues and the reds go away with the cold.


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