Sleaze Ball

Today, like every other day, I found myself bouncing around different facebooks, creeping, specifically looking at wedding photos until I literally choked on my vomit. I stumbled on the wedding photos of one of the sleaziest dudes I have ever encountered. He is a few years old than me, and in high school I thought he was sooo hot. Well, a few years ago, McDreamy and I were staying in the same beach house, his girlfriend (now wife) was there, too. It was like 4am and my friends plus him and a few others were still awake, you know, living the life. He literally tried to force me to make out with him. Now, this would have been awesome, except not only did he have a girlfriend, but SHE WAS IN THE OTHER ROOM sleeping. Needless to say, I no longer think he is anything spectacular, but apparently his poor girlfriend-turned-wife saw something in him. I just hope for her sake he changed up his sleazy ways.


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