Zack 16

There have been many crazy ad campaigns throughout the years, but this one by Tampax has me completely baffled. This is a short film about a 16-year old boy, Zack, who wakes up one morning and his “man parts” have disappeared and have been replaced with “female parts.” Throughout the 12-minute film you follow Zack around as he adjusts to his changing body, mood, and feelings. He likes to bake brownies, watch chick flicks, and gets angry and short-tempered with his best friend. These actions are often thought to parallel how “normal” or every female acts, which we know isn’t true, right?

The real question is: What is Tampax trying to achieve through this ad? Who are they trying to reach? What are they saying about women and how we act? Is Tampax the cure for all of our monthly ailments? I have no idea. You can check out Zack’s website, which includes a blog or follow him on Twitter. For now, just watch the video, and if you can make sense of it, please let me know.



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2 responses to “Zack 16

  1. Let me just say…we’re definitely talking about this next time we’re together. Great dinner conversation. Where do you find these things?!

  2. ashleymyers

    Yes. I would love to talk about it with someone! We watched it in my Gender and the Mass Media class.

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