Interior Design=Getting Old.

Image from:  CasaSugar

The older I get, the more domestic I start feeling. It scares me to death. However, I can’t help but be drawn to beautiful interior decorating and design. Which is why I’m addicted to Home Sweet Style. This blog is a collective of images different people find on the internet and post for design junkies like me to drool over. I’m always particularly attracted to industrial design with pops of color. Actually, I love anything with pops of bright colors.

The room above is one of my favorites. I love the greyness of the background, but the brightness the pink chairs add, it matches perfectly with the picture hanging above the fireplace. Also, it’s awesome how the fireplace is utilized. It’s probably unable to be used, so the designer converted into an adorable bookshelf/record case. The 3 book towers give the room extra personality and originality. It’s a great way to take up extra corner space, and it was probably totally affordable, too. The room infuses together a perfect mixture of modern and classic design. Beautiful.



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3 responses to “Interior Design=Getting Old.

  1. I hear you when it comes to getting more domestic as I get older.

    I can appreciate the beauty of the room in the photograph but I have to say I would sit and stare at those books waiting for them to topple. For me, I think it would be pretty distracting.

  2. ashleymyers

    I agree. I actually stared at the books for a while, trying to figure out how the stack was so high, and what was stopping the stack from falling over.

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