Missing Parents

The earthquake in Haiti seems so distant from those of us living in the Northeast United States, where the only weather-related issue we have is the cold temperature. It’s hard for us to imagine everything going on there and exactly how the earthquake is truly effecting those living in Haiti.

This morning I read an article about injured children crying out for their missing parents. Now let’s be honest, it’s been over a week, they aren’t going to find comfort from their parents. This means now there are going to be hundreds more orphaned children living in Haiti. Not only that, but parents are seeing their injured children (many amputated) and walking out on them, which means the children essentially abandoned and will likely die. The death toll as a result of the earthquake isn’t even determined yet, because it hasn’t finished taking lives.

Now, the next time you’re wearing a warm coat, hat, gloves, and scarf, but still complaining about the cold, think about what’s happening around the world. Although you can’t exactly do anything about it, it’s good to acknowledge it, so you can appreciate exactly what you have.


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