Oh Snow Day.

Today is the first snow day I’ve ever hated.

When I was a kid and the there was a prospective snow storm on the way I would stay up all night, looking out the window waiting for the first flakes to fall. Many times the snow never actually came and I was forced to get on the school bus, exhausted from the unnecessary excitement. Last night, I went bed early because I was so miserable, I just wanted the stupid day to end and I fell asleep praying the snow would miss my little section of Pennsylvania. Much to my dismay, I woke up this morning to a world covered in white, and an even worse mood.

I don’t understand why I’m constantly tortured by stupid snow. When I want you, I can’t have you and when I have you, I don’t want you… Sounds like an unhealthy love affair. I just wish I would have brought my snowboard home from Philly, so I could at least do something cool when the road eventually clear.

How will I make it through this day? Well, it’s not even noon and I’ve had 5 Christmas cookies, 3 cups of coffee, and have had Sufjan Stevens Songs For Christmas on repeat since 9am. I will find the Christmas spirit and I will like this snow day. If these methods don’t work, I’m forcing myself into a coma and sleeping for the next month.


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